Friday, February 4, 2011

New Beginnings

I've decided to start a blog dedicated to my love of handmade crafts.  All things vintage and kitschy and quirky and crooked and made with love by hand.  I know there are probably millions of blogs out there with the exact same premise.  But everything offered on this blog from myself is FREE (with the exception of my etsy items). I'm a total sucker for print design (ie...which is why I'm a graphic designer I guess, huh?) and can't wait to share some of my fun stuff!!

There will also be free knit patterns and other various craft tutorials of things I'm always working on.  Along with cool finds, hopefully in the future, I will have goodies from other handmade gods and goddesses.   Or at least I'll be able to pass along the party favors at any rate.

There will be give away's and and contests and challenges and just loads of fun!  I hope you stop by and take a look and maybe add this blog to your current blog roll and make it a daily read.

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