Wednesday, February 16, 2011

So much stuff

I think I may have a problem.  I'm an obsessed crafter.  Have you ever seen that show on I think it's TLC or something called "My Strange Addiction".  I think I need to be on that show.  I'm working on jewelry projects ( rings and earrings), 3 knitting projects (a sweater, cowl, and an adorable scarf), bath soaps and fizzies that look like cupcakes, and I have idea for a draft stopper for a door or window, I have an idea for some pot holders, and eye masks and countless other things.  I'm like wow man.  And my studio was a disaster zone.  I got it all cleaned and organized and I'm happy about that.  And I managed to photograph and get some goodies into my etsy shop finally!!  And I have so so so much more coming!! 

I've had this fun little freebie made for a while now and thought I'd share it here for everyone.  It's a hand drawn font I made to call Hoity Toity.  I know it's a silly name but it's fitting I think.  It's a fun and playful font.  It would look great on a greeting card.  Just click on the image to download.

I have some inspiration boards coming soon for your enjoyment and a fun and easy knitting pattern.  Until then, Happy Crafting!!


  1. I didn't know you were so crafty Bren, love it ALL! Thanks for the font!

  2. what a cute font! thanks for sharing.

  3. Just found your blog! Your are a true crafter!! You sound a lot like me! Just can't help working on stuff! lol